Path to Divinity

€ 165,95

" Guide me with your grace, show me the path that I can embrace. Clear my sight from temptations, bring me peace through meditations "


Life has given to us for a reason. We are not on earth to work, pay bills, party all night long, make money and so on. Those are material things that belongs to the earth. I call them temptations.


Everyone wants to be happy and be at a stage of inner peace. I can assure you that they will not be found in those things!


When we die, we don't take all those things with us. What you take with you, is your soul and all the karma you build on earth. This can only be good or bad.


This painting represents true calmness and leads the path to inner peace in the center. If one is not ready yet for this stage, they can choose the left or the right path. May you be free from every obstacles and all the hurts inside. Healing will set you free!


Canvas maat: 40 x 50 x 1.5cm


© nov 2020 Artwork By CvC