Queen of Purity

€ 225,99

" My child take a seat calm your mind it's been heavy on your feet. I heard your prayers and callings from beneath, I know you can't see but I'm here around every heartbeat. I'm the Queen of purity for those who believe in me. Soon old patterns will be destroyed, no more pain to avoid. All your wishes will be praised, the time has come to stand tall and be amazed "


I believe that every human being have there obstacles big or small. Those are life lessons to be learned. You have always a choice and both are leading to different ways. In my opinion is the hardest way the best to be free from constantly repeating patterns in your life that hurts you. If you are paying attention in every situation, you will see what needs to be learned! If you do this the right way, there will definitely come a time where only love and comfort will rule.


This painting has 11 crystals and gold. It is very shiny and bright in real time.


Canvas maat: 50 x 60 x 1.5cm


© okt 2020 Artwork By CvC