Awakening, A4 Artprint

€ 25,99

Een A4 Artprint van de originele schilderij: Awakening. Een mooi formaat van stevig kwaliteit papier en is klaar om ingelijst te worden of gewoon zo te plaatsen op uw altaar, dressoir, praktijk meditaite ruimte en meer.


" To see the beyond I wish them peace to bond. Inner blessings will lead their way, so from now on it's here to stay. Go deep from where you are, look for things they are not so far. A new beginning is on it's way, enter the world with love and make it stay. Let awakening be revealed, once you've opened the truth will be unsealed "


There is a lot of negativity in this world. It seems like all the bad forces have settled in some peoples hearts. The world we live in is a fake one. You can hardly be yourself and the truth is something people can't handle or won't even want to hear. Nevertheless, the good will eventually win. The truth always comes out as long one has patience.


May you be filled with love, compassion and all the good your heart can take.


A4 Artprint maat: 210 x 297 mm


© aug 2020 Artwork By CvC