€ 75,00

" I'm here to show you your way, good health and wisdom is on it's way. Hear my voice that whispers in your heart, let it guide you on your path. Look for signs that feels so good, not the bad that ruins your mood. Trust your inner voice, you may not have a choice. Step in to your destiny, there where only light shall be "


We all go true situations that's difficult and tough. We talk about it with people to find a solution to the problem. We think about it over and over again, but we still don't know what to do. The answers they seek is always inside. The key is to quiet the mind and listen. Your spirit guides are always there for you and will guide you step by step. When you master this, true power will grow and you will see that you are getting stronger. Doubts will eventually fade away and soon you will hear, see and feel the answer that is the best for you!


Canvas maat: 40x50x1.5cm


© sep 2020 Artwork By CvC

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